Reasons To Consider Fake Metal Beams For Your Home Or Business

2 June 2023
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Are you looking to make a bold design statement inside your house or business or do you just want to change things up with an all-new decorative design? Large metal beams that are crafted with a certain aesthetic may help you achieve the transformation you desire. The thing is, though, you don't actually need real metal beams to get what you want. Here's why you might want to opt for the installation of fake metal beams inside your property.

Go for a Specific Vibe

You can get fake metal beams designed with whatever look you would like. Rustic, modern, industrial, or something else entirely, you should be able to find a local contractor who can help you put the perfect beam into the exact spot where you want it to go. Your new beams will become a focal point for any room they are put in and can really help bring a new interior design together.

Fake Beams Cost Less to Install

If you are not using the beams as actual support for the structure in question, this will make life easier and less expensive for you when it's time for the installation. Fake metal beams are simply more affordable than beams made of actual metal. The material itself can vary but polyurethane foam inside the beam is a popular choice. A fake metal beam made out of this type of material will help you get the look you want without putting you over budget for your renovation.

Fake Beams Are Easier to Install

Fake metal beams like the foam mentioned above will also be much more lightweight and easier to handle than actual metal. This means you may be able to lift the beam yourself more easily or it will be easier for your contractor to handle the beam during the job. The end result is that the beam should be put into place sooner rather than later and you can move on to the next part of your renovation project.

Minimal Maintenance

Because fake metal beams are not actually metal, you will not have as many maintenance headaches as you otherwise might. For example, some metals can have issues with corrosion or might need constant polish or a coat of protectant in order to maintain a nice look. A fake metal beam is typically made from material where maintenance will not be a big issue.

Contact a local supplier of fake metal beams or a local general contractor to discuss your options.