Navigating Insurance Repairs On Your Roof After A Storm

1 December 2022
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If your roof has been damaged due to a storm, you may be wondering what steps you need to take to get it repaired. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unsure of the exact process for filing an insurance claim and having their roof repairs covered. With a bit of research and knowledge about how insurance companies handle roof damage, you can figure out the best course of action for your specific needs. Here's a closer look at how to navigate insurance repairs on your roof after a storm.

Step One: Assessing the Damage

The first step in navigating insurance repairs on your roof is assessing the damage that the storm has done. It's important to note that not all types of damage will be covered by insurance. Depending on who your insurer is and what type of policy you have, certain types of damage may not be eligible for coverage. Contact your insurer to confirm that you are making an eligible claim and ask them if they cover storm-related roof damage. Once you have confirmed this information, assess the extent of the damage so that you can make an accurate claim when filing for coverage.

Step Two: Filing Your Claim

Once you have evaluated the damage done to your roof, it's time to file for coverage with your insurer. This typically involves submitting photos or videos demonstrating the full extent of the damage and filling out any paperwork required by your insurer. Make sure that you provide all necessary documentation, so there are no delays in processing your claim. Once this process is complete, contact a reputable roofing company to begin work on repairing or replacing your roof as soon as possible. Many insurers require an estimate before they will provide coverage for damage caused by storms, and some will even recommend preferred roofers in your area.

Step Three: Repairing or Replacing Your Roof

Once you have received confirmation from your insurer that they will cover repairs or replacement costs associated with storm-related damages, it's time to start fixing your roof. Depending on the severity of the damage and what type of coverage was approved by your insurer, either repair services or replacements may be necessary to restore both functionality and appearance. All work should be completed by reputable roofers so that quality results are achieved quickly and efficiently.

Filing an insurance claim after experiencing storm-related damage can seem like a daunting task, but with some research and knowledge about how insurers handle such claims, navigating any roofing repairs should be relatively straightforward.

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