Here's What Will Affect How Much You'll Pay For A New Roof

6 October 2022
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Your home's roofing keeps you and your family safe from the elements, so you should take the necessary steps to keep it in great shape. Regardless of your level of maintenance, roofs experience significant wear and tear over time and need to be replaced. In most cases, wear and tear first occurs in the flashing and valley, causing leaks and subsequent water damage in your home. Even though roof replacement can be costly, you can manage your budget better if you're aware of the elements that affect the cost of installing a new roof. Here are four to keep in mind:

The Time and Labor Required

While calculating the cost of your new roof, your roofer will consider the labor required to complete your task on time. Note that the labor cost for your project will vary depending on the contractor you hire. Different contractors have different levels of experience and expertise, in addition to working with several crew members. The time they'll take to install a new roof will also affect the overall replacement cost. Generally, the longer the replacement time, the higher the amount you pay.

The Roof Material You Choose

When replacing your roof, you have several different roofing materials to consider. Some homeowners prefer to use asphalt because it's less expensive and easy to install. However, if you're changing your roof due to factors such as storm damage, speak to your roofer about the roofing material that best suits your area's climatic conditions. If they advise you that options such as metal or clay tile roofs are more suitable, expect to pay more for your installation.

The Complexity of Your Roof's Design

If your roof is more complex, e.g., featuring a steep slope or multiple valleys, it requires more work and materials for your roofer to replace. This translates into an increase in the cost of your roof installation. Keep in mind that without an expert installation, you leave your home vulnerable to leaks during rainy and snowy weather.

The Accessibility of Your Roof

When your roof isn't easily accessible, you may have to pay more for your installation. This is the case for homes surrounded by many trees or those very close to each other. For such homes, roofers will need to use specialized equipment to transport roofing materials up and down, which increases the cost of your project.

When installing a new roof for your home, speak to a roof replacement professional to give you a quote. Before they share the final estimate with you, they'll consider the aspects highlighted in this guide. Knowing this helps you to budget more accurately as you prepare for the project.