Restoring Your Home Following Water Intrusion

30 June 2022
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Water damage is one of the leading threats to residential properties. Major water damage is an urgent matter that a homeowner will need professional help in order to safely and thoroughly address. Otherwise, they could find that their property experiences a range of structural integrity problems and unsanitary conditions.

Minor Water Intrusions Can Still Cause Major Damage To A Home's Interior

There is a misconception among some homeowners that only large-scale and otherwise major instances of water intrusion will require professional assistance to repair. Unfortunately, the reality is that it does not take very much water in order to create major issues for a home's interior. The water that intrudes into the home will be able to seep deep into the floors and the walls. As a result of this tendency, it is possible for seemingly minor amounts of water to be able to rot support components and contribute to mold growing behind walls and under floors. Whenever your building experiences water intrusion,

The Interior Will Need To Be Rapidly Dried To Minimize Damage

Much of the damage that can occur following water intrusion can be mitigated if the area is rapidly dried soon after the incident. A professional home water damage restoration service will have moisture extraction devices. These systems can pull water out of wood, drywall, and carpet so that the drying process can be accelerated. Furthermore, these services can position extremely powerful fans and dehumidifying systems so that any moisture that remains will be dried as rapidly as possible. To expedite this process, the windows may also need to be kept open to maximize the flow of air through the area, but this may not always be possible due to the design of the building or the weather conditions outside.

A Home That Has Suffered Water Damage Will Need To Be Thoroughly Sanitized

A homeowner may assume that drying the area that experienced water damage will be the only step that they have to take to restore their home. However, it is also necessary to address the bacteria that could have been brought into the structure with the water or that may have started to rapidly grow in the moist conditions that the water intrusion created. Not surprisingly, thoroughly sanitizing the interior of the home will need to be done immediately after drying the area. This work will need to be done throughout the entire home rather than simply in the area that suffered water damage as it could be possible for spores to have spread fairly far throughout the home.

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