4 Questions You May Want To Ask Your Roofer About Metal Roofing

2 February 2021
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Switching from asphalt shingles to metal roofing is a major upgrade for your home and a significant investment. You'll want to learn as much about metal roofing as you can so you make a confident decision. Here are four points you may want to discuss with your roofer if you have concerns about metal roofing.

1. Is Metal A Good Choice For Homes?

Metal roofing is often associated with agricultural and commercial buildings, but that doesn't mean a metal roof isn't suitable for homes in the city or country. Metal is popular for commercial uses because it's so durable, and that's a benefit for you as a homeowner too.

Metal roofing comes in different styles, such as shingles or standing seam panels. The roofing comes in many solid colors, and the shingles are fashioned to look like clay or slate tiles. Your roofer can help you find a metal roof style that complements your home and improves the curb appeal of your house.

2. Is Metal Noisy When It Rains?

Metals roofs installed years ago and metal roofs used on barns are often noisy because of the way they're installed, with little between the metal and the inside of the building. Metal roofing for homes is usually installed over a deck and underlayment. Rigid foam insulation may be installed under the panels too.

Plus, your attic is insulated, and that helps muffle the sound. The end result is a roof that doesn't make any more noise than an asphalt shingle roof, so rain won't be noisier just because you switch to metal.

3. Will A Metal Roof Work With Solar Panels?

If you think you might have solar panels put on your roof in the future, talk to your roofer so they can take that into consideration when putting on your new roof. Solar panels can be put on metal roofing just as easily as they can be put on an asphalt shingle roof. If you get a standing seam roof, the panels clip on the panels and you don't even have to worry about leaks from nail or screw holes.

4. Will The Roof Rust And Turn Ugly As It Ages?

Metal used for residential roofing is treated to prevent rust from developing. Your roof shouldn't have widespread issues with rusting, but rust is still a possibility in areas that are damaged or around screws. Just like any other type of roof, a metal roof should be checked regularly for signs of damage.

Metal roofs are durable, and your roof may not need many repairs, but it's still good to check for loose screws and rusty spots so they can be fixed before a leak develops. Be sure to discuss the maintenance and repairs you might need to do with your roofer so you'll know how to take care of your metal roof. If you take good care of the roof, it could last for decades.