Signs It Is Time To Replace The Windows In Your Home

30 August 2019
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Windows are an important part of a home, and they are made to last. However, windows do not last forever, and the time will come when you need to have new windows installed in your home. Replacing your windows with new windows is a great investment -- today's windows are more energy-efficient than ever, so you will save money on your energy bills and also have a more comfortable home year-round. New windows can also enhance the look of your home, both inside and out. The key is to know when it is time to replace your windows. Some of the top signs that it is time for new windows include:

Visible Condensation

Most modern homes have dual panes of glass that are positioned closely together when the window is manufactured. Dual pane windows in good repair should never have condensation between the panes. If you notice any kind of condensation between your window panes, it signifies a problem. The most common reason that condensation forms in between window panes is because a seal has been damaged. If one or more windows in your home has noticeable condensation between the panes, it is time to consider replacing your windows.

Single Pane Glass

While most modern homes have dual pane windows, there are many older homes that were built with single-pane windows. One of the biggest downfalls of single-pane windows is the fact that they provide very little in the way of energy efficiency. They are also not as secure as new double pane windows, since single-pane windows are easier to break. Whether you're planning to purchase an older home or you want to renovate your current older home, replacing your single-pane windows is a good idea.

Excess Noise

If you live in a large city or near a busy street, outside noise can be a problem. When you're at home, you probably do not want to hear traffic or kids yelling as they play with friends. It is natural to want peace and quiet while trying to relax inside your home after a long day of work, or while you're sleeping. If you hear a lot of outside noise while you're in your home, it may be because your windows are not able to block out sound. If you want a more peaceful environment, you may want to consider replacing your old windows with new windows that are designed to be sound-proof. 

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