6 Steps To Move Your Roofing Company Into The Digital World

19 December 2018
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At first glance, roofing isn't exactly a digital business. You clean gunk off roofs, repairs broken shingles, and do complete tear-offs. It just requires the right shovel and some muscle. Any business, however, can benefit from the technology below.

Step 1: Email Marketing: Save money on mailings and cold call services. Start an email marketing campaign to contact your clients on a regular basis for so much less. Anyone can pull together an e-newsletter and send it out. It's easy.

Step 2: Fleet Management Software: As you grow larger, you have more people to manage and more trucks to keep track of. Fleet management software is designed to help with that exact problem. Not only can you tell where your drivers are, but you can monitor vehicle maintenance records with just the click of a mouse.

Step 3. Roofing Contractor Software Solutions: For roofing companies, there is always specialized software to help to bid jobs. From calculating the number of squares to do a job to how many man hours it should take, roofing contractor software is designed to make this easier for you to calculate.

Step 4: Online Scheduling: Make things easier on yourself and your customers by using online scheduling. Your clients are in just as a big of a hurry as you are. Offer them the opportunity to schedule their own appointment online. Just add the program to your website and let them schedule their next appointment while surfing the internet on their phone from the sofa at 3 in the morning.

Step 5: CRM Software: The larger your business gets, the more names and addresses you need to keep track of. You may be tempted to get more filing cabinets to contain all that information, but why? Store it in the cloud and use that filing cabinet for something else. Customer Relationship Management software not only keeps all that data safe and organized, but it helps remind you when to touch base with clients.

Step 6: Online Invoicing: The greatest problem facing any small business is cash flow. Business owners pay money upfront for supplies, payroll, and more. They then have to wait to be paid. Depending on how large the client is, that wait could be over three months. Online invoicing streamlines the process and, hopefully, gives client the opportunity to pay you much sooner, evening out your cash flow. You can send them a virtual invoice as soon as you scrape up that gum. They have the opportunity to pay it right then and there or forward it over to Accounts Receivables department, speeding up the process.

No matter what your business does for your clients, you can always go digital to streamline your business and maximize your time.