4 Tips To Deal With Foundation Damage And Prevent Your Home From Sinking In Soft Soils

17 July 2018
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Soft soils can cause a lot of problems with the foundation of your home. Some of the problems may start with simple erosion and become more is causing structural damage to your home due to settlement. You want to be able to identify the problems that are causing your home's foundation to settle and repair them before they cause serious damage. Here are some tips to help deal with foundation damage and prevent settling in soft soils.

1. Inspecting The Foundation For Signs Of Erosion And Settling

The first thing you will want to do is inspect the foundation for erosion and signs of damage.  There are many different areas of your foundation where erosion can cause settling problems. When inspecting your foundation, look for areas where the exterior watershed causes water to puddle near the foundation. This is where erosion problems are most likely to start, and where you want to begin repairs.

2. Improving Exterior Drainage To Prevent Erosion Of Soil Beneath The Foundation

The exterior drainage of your home is important, and poor drainage can lead to problems with your foundation. Evaluate the drainage outside of your home and consider improvements that help direct watershed away from the foundation. Sometimes, permanent landscaping drainage solutions may be needed to correct problems with the watershed around your home that cause erosion.

3. Pier Jacking Too Correct Problems With Foundation Settling And Structural Damage

Pier jacking it's another form of repairs that you may need to have done for your foundation. This type of repair is used by foundation contractors to Jack up the foundation. Pier jacking can be used as a combination of repairs done to foundations. The foundation can be jacked up in the areas were settling has caused cracks and then reinforced with structural footings and concrete repairs like post-tension systems.

4. Soil Grouting Techniques To Prevent The Settling In Soft Soils

Soil grounding is another technique that can be used to correct foundation problems in soft soils. This is a concrete mixing technique that uses the soil and cement to make a hard footing for foundations. Soil grouting can be used to stabilize foundations in the softest soil; that are deep and have little bedrock beneath them to support heavy structures.  

These some tips to help deal with foundation problems due to soft soils and settling. If you need help with repairs to the foundation of your home, contact a professional foundation repair service for help.