Does Your Equipment Need Buffing?

16 July 2018
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Buffing is the process of removing substances from metal to create a beautiful sheen underneath. Is your equipment in need of buffing? Use this guide to assist you.

The surface is dull

A dull equipment surface makes your machinery look old and unkempt. Also, dull paint finishes don't make your machinery stand out the way you want them to. Dull equipment surfaces should be buffed before they are sealed or finished to give them the best long-lasting appeal.

Your machinery feels rough

Run your finger along your equipment's hood, doors, or base. Does your machinery feel rough or have sharp points in the paint? Over time, dirt and other debris will scratch and wear out your machinery's surfaces, leading to a rougher paint job. A rough-feeling machine is more likely to get dirty because the grooves, no matter how minute, will allow grime and other debris to stick.

Having your machinery buffed as part of your regular maintenance will give your equipment a new sheen and make grease, grime, and other debris easier to clean. When you have your equipment buffed, ask to have the machinery polished as well for the ultimate smooth finish.

Your machinery is getting painted

Whether you are going to paint your car yourself or you're hiring someone to give your vehicle a paint job, your vehicle will need to be buffed as part of the prep. Buffing your automobile makes the entire surface smooth and even, allowing a paint job to take with fewer flaws and a better overall effect.

You can buff your car on your own, but it's not recommended. You may accidentally buff some areas (such as the hood) too much and apply too little buffing on doors or other intricate areas, which can make your car's paint job turn out less lustrous than you want it to.

Your equipment is fading

A fading or uneven paint job can be repaired to a degree with buffing (in addition to polishing). For a minor upgrade to your equipment, ask your buffing specialist about adding buffing to your equipment maintenance needs.

Keep in mind that buffing and polishing of equipment are not the same, although the results are similar. If you want your machinery polished in addition to having buffing services done, let your service specialist know. The results will be a machine that is shinier and more attractive. Buffing service costs vary, so talk to a specialist about getting an estimate.

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