Updating The Roof On Your Home For Aesthetics And Performance

15 July 2018
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The roof of your home really has several jobs that you might not even consider most of the time. In fact, most people never even think about the roof on their home until it is leaking or damaged. But the roof does more than just keep the rain off your head and with the right attention, it can do its job well and look good doing it.

The Job Of A Roof

Most people would say that the roof is there to keep the weather out of your house and while that is true, it is not the only reason that the roof is up there. When your house was built, the walls were put in place and the roof added to the top of the structure. The roof ties all the walls together, creating a much more rigid structure and the design of the roof can add even more strength. A well-engineered roof can add a lot of strength to the building, and in some parts of the country, that design may need to be changed to take things like snow loads or high winds into account.

Roofing Performance

The material you choose for the roof of your home can make a real difference in the way the roof looks but more importantly, the way the roof performs. If the job of the roofing material is to keep moisture out, it needs to seal properly and stand up to the weather in your area. Some styles of roofing may do that better than others, but the most common roofing used, asphalt shingles, offer great protection for many different climates.

They are available in different grades and are often rated for 30 years of service but have to be properly installed to last that long. While there are new materials coming out all the time that claim to be the best option, talk with a contractor in your area about what they used and why. They will know what works best with your weather and climate and can help you choose the right roofing material for the job.

Looking Good While Keeping The Water Out

Even though we don't often think about the roof of the house, making it look good and tie into the style of the home can really increase the curb appeal. If you are using traditional shingles, choosing a color that fits the home is one option. Another is to use a shake roof or a tile roof if they work well in your area. Making the home look nice and having a roof that works is ultimately the best situation and is completely achievable with a little research.

Since most people will use a contractor to install the roof on their home, talk to him about all your ideas and see what his thoughts are. If you needed medical advice, you would ask a doctor, so don't be afraid to talk about your ideas with the person who knows how to best fix your roof.

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