3 Tips For Building A Viewing Deck

14 July 2018
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If you live in an area that has magnificent views, one of your dreams may be to score real estate that provides you with some prime viewing area. For those lucky enough to secure a place with good visibility, you may still need a little bit of help seeing over the area in question. If you want to build a second story or a higher-level viewing deck, there are some details that you will need to put into the deck. Here are three tips that you will need to know about building a good viewing deck.  

1. Make the side panels glass

It is important that a viewing deck has the best possible views. While a completely wooden deck will create a good space to sit out on, it is important that you be able to sit on the deck and look out. Install glass panels for the side of the deck so that the view is completely unobstructed. 

Glass panels with metal handles will allow you to sit in any corner of the deck and be able to see out from where you are. Glass siding is especially important if you want to keep your seating area on the edge of the deck closest to the house due to children and pets. 

2. Sit the deck on the second floor

The best way to experience awesome views is as high as possible. If you have a house that is more than one story, install your viewing deck on the second floor. The ground level often has other houses or green space that can get in the way of having a nice scenic space. Have a deck builder create a diagram of a deck that sits on the second floor of your home. The deck can possibly be two stories itself in order to be able to properly support the weight of the upper deck. 

3. Be sure that the railing is heavy

When a deck sits on a top story, it is important to make sure that the railings are safe. Install heavy railings that can hold on to a lot of weight. That way if you have friends and family over and they are leaning on the railing, the deck will remain stable. It is also important to make sure that the rails are installed to be chest height so that children cannot climb on them and falling over the rail is an impossibility. 

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