3 Tasks You Should Have A Handyman Do For You

11 July 2018
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If you are starting some new projects around the house, you may be considering DIY options. Though these do save some money, they may also take up more time or require more skills than you think. The simple online project that is ideal for your garden, may not be so ideal once you get started. With that in mind, a handyman could be an ideal way for you to get that project done with as little stress as possible. Here are three of the tasks that are ideal for a handyman to handle for you.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds are a common choice for people that have hard soil or not enough soil to work into a garden. If you choose to start raised garden beds in your landscape, you will already know you can buy a kit. These kits seem fairly easy to put together, but you may not know how to level the land and prepare it for the garden bed itself. A handyman can help you put together the garden bed, level the land, and get the bed ready for planting. They can also build one from scratch if you have the design you want and agree to buy the supplies.

Flooring Upgrades

If your home has carpeting, you might be considering having that carpeting removed and wood flooring or similar style flooring put down. With a flooring upgrade you will need to have the carpeting removed as well as staples removed, glue sanded off, and the floor prepared for the new flooring option. You need to consider the equipment you will need, such as a floor roller to remove any air pockets. A handyman will not only have experience in this, they will also have contractors discounts and options open to rent the necessary equipment and get the job done for a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a flooring contractor.

Guttering Installment

Guttering offers a variety of benefits including proper irrigation and helping to move the rainwater away from your roofline. The installation of the guttering might look easy enough, but you may find it isn't that easy. You have to know the proper placement of the guttering hooks on the roofline. This placement is vital because it will help reduce the chances of roofing damage. You also need the right ladders to make it safe and easier to install the guttering. A handyman will likely already have the right scaffolding to help make the project easier. They also have experience in a variety of guttering options and can ensure the hooks are placed properly and safely.

There are many household and landscaping projects a skilled handyman can assist you with. Just make sure they are properly licensed for your state or city. Also make sure they are bonded or insured so if an accident does occur, they are covered and so are you.