Get Kitchen Remodeling To Add More Storage Without Replacing The Cabinets

10 July 2018
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After buying a home and getting the keys you look forward to moving in. As you unpack everything for the kitchen you may realize that there is not enough room! You do your best with what you have and find temporary storage places for some of your kitchenware but you may want to invest in additional storage space throughout the entire kitchen.

If you are determined to keep all the cabinets, you will want to get creative with your ideas.


Although you may not be replacing any cabinets, this does not mean that you cannot add new ones. If there is extra space above the cabinets, you can have remodelers install new ones. You can also expand the countertop, which will create new cabinets above and below the surface.

This is when you will need to decide what style to go for with the cabinets. If you love the look of the existing cabinets, you can try to replicate the appearance. Another option is going with your own style and having mismatched cabinets until you replace the existing ones in the future.


Adding a pantry to the kitchen is an outstanding way to increase storage space. If you have enough space and square footage to work with, you can create a huge pantry. Being able to store cans, boxes, and food storage containers in a single space saves you a lot of room elsewhere.

This can free up cabinets in the kitchen to allow for better organization. With enough planning, you can make it easy for family and friends who visit to access everything in the kitchen. They will know that kitchenware is in all the cabinets while all food items are kept in the pantry.


Even if you do not have a great deal of empty space in the kitchen, you should be able to fit in an island, especially if it is custom-made to fit in properly. You can make sure that the island has drawers and cabinets on all sides, which greatly increases the kitchen's storage capacity.

A great design plan is to use these cabinets for fitting in pots, pans, and small appliances. You will appreciate having cabinets that are easy to access and designed for oversized items.

It is possible to invest in kitchen remodeling, and make noticeable improvements to the room's storage capacity, without making any modifications to any of the existing cabinets.